Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Dice Thrower In All of Us #2- When Painting Gets You Down

Everyone has been there. The models are assembled, the army list is complete, and the super glue has dried to your finger tips. Now the time comes to add some "color" to those models, making them into living, breathing things rather than hunks of molded plastic. BUT, instead of rejoicing with excitement, you try to think about something else you could be doing besides painting. While painting models is quite a fun venture, there is a point that most of us get to when we wonder why all 300 of our guardsmen need to have an insignia on their shoulder, or a painted face with eyes. When you look at those models and sigh in discomfort at the thought of painting so many little things with even smaller detail, you know the "dice thrower" is preparing to strike again.