Friday, June 24, 2011

The Casual-Competitive Player

After trolling through my usual places (Warseer, The Back 40K, 3++ is the new black, Bell of Lost Souls just to name a few) I came across a blog post on BoLS about the gamer that is not completely Fluffy but also isn't the hardcore doucher Tournament guy.

Here is the Link to it: The Casual-Competitive Gamer

Here is the post for those to lazy to click the link. I believe everyone at The Forgotten Chapter falls into this new category, granted none of us have won a GT or even a local tournament (granted we have only played in a couple so far) but we are still fairly competitive but typically with beer in hand:

New Chapterhouse Studios Products for June

The infamous Chapterhouse Studios has released a few new kits that are compatible with our favorite 28mm Wargaming company. Our friends the Imperial Guard, Grey Knights, Space Marines, and Dark Angels go some love this month. I am on the fence about a couple of these items but overall I think they will bring a lot of new cool looking armies to the gaming table. These items should be up on the site within the week, so go take a look!!!

Chapterhouse June Releases

The Rapid Reponse Chimera

Chapterhouse Studios Wheeled Chimera Conversion Kit