Friday, June 24, 2011

New Chapterhouse Studios Products for June

The infamous Chapterhouse Studios has released a few new kits that are compatible with our favorite 28mm Wargaming company. Our friends the Imperial Guard, Grey Knights, Space Marines, and Dark Angels go some love this month. I am on the fence about a couple of these items but overall I think they will bring a lot of new cool looking armies to the gaming table. These items should be up on the site within the week, so go take a look!!!

Chapterhouse June Releases

The Rapid Reponse Chimera

Chapterhouse Studios Wheeled Chimera Conversion Kit 

I personally think this is one of the coolest conversion kits I have seen for the Imperial Guard. I know my upcoming Urban themed Imperial Guard will end up having several of these kits for all of my Chimeras and the Hellhound (list to be posted later).

Storm Raven TRU-Scale Conversion

Finally, there are three conversion kits for the Grey Knights (Gun Halbreds), Techmarines (Conversion Beamer), and Dark Angels (Winged Grim Reaper Land Raider Doors)


Servo Arm and Conversion Beamer backpack kit

Death Angel doors for Space Marine Land Raide

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