Wednesday, February 8, 2012

News, and Rumors.......what exactly are we wating for??

As a huge fan of the Black Templar, and all the rumors swirling around when they're supposed to have a new codex written, I feel the need to talk about all the crap that comes with this.
For me it all began when I noticed all the stuff flying around Bell of Lost Souls, Warseer, and other blogs. To set the record straight, everything is a rumor. Nothing more. And what good does it do us to know the future anyways?? Its not like your gonna have the inside track on an army, and you pull it out at your local hobby shop and no one has seen it. I mean come on.
I truly believe that most of the stuff we hear about is all a load of crap anyways. Some guy wanting attention, making things up. Just recently Ghost21, or whatever from Warseer, confessed to making up the most recent rumors about the Black Templar, and Tau. For what reason, who knows. But I do know that all it did was start a very dynamic conversation with a ton of people chiming in about what they heard, and what this guy saw. I only consider a few sources out there to be truly legit.
All this stuff about land raider spam, some rhino assault vehicle? Man, as far as I'm concerned, all either army is gonna get are some new rules, a few new characters that propose some twists to each game, and thats it. And most of the time when a codex is re-written, you don't even get over half the stuff inside released!! Look at the Tyranids?? Its been what, almost 2 years, and they still don't have all the models for that book.
And now that these recent rumors have been falsified, everything has been tossed back into the fire, and new rumors about Dark Angels being up next......I just sit back and laugh, it goes from one thing to another. Just goes to show you the lack of patience with players out there. So take this and run with it, say what you will.......things won't change.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Black Knight Littleton Event!!

Wow, thought we were all gone eh? The Forgotten Chapter is still here and kickin' it 40k style!! Just life being busy and crazy has kept us all away. Maybe if you guys hit us up at Black Knight Games in Littleton, CO tomorrow for the 40k tournament, we can chat about whats been going on!! Oh and just in case you didnt know, Black Knight is hosting a 40k tournament tomorrow Saturday February 4th, 2012. Instead of paying to play, they ask that you bring a piece of terrain (either handmade or bought) and that will count as your method of payment to play. Please, if your going to bring something handmade at least make it look good. Good "rule of thumb" would be that if its not good enough for your game board, dont bring it! The piece of terrain being brought will be kept by the store so dont bring your favorite terrain piece cause your not getting it back!! Hope to see you all there! Supposed to start around 4pm but call ahead to check availability and everything. Contact info is:
Ph: 303-972-4263

Location: 10171 W Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO 80127

Have fun and hope to see you guys there!! Most of the Forgotten Chapter will be there to talk trash and of course, 40k..

Saturday, January 14, 2012

For Love of the Game.....

Well as you can see, its been some time since any of us over here at The Forgotten Chapter have posted anything. Well I can say that for me, I truly apologize. I've recently had my life up-ended and taken a drastic turn. Its taken me a few months to get accustomed to the new life. But I assure you, yes we are alive and well. Some fairing better than others.

But you've got to get your a** up off the ground, wipe the dust off, and keep on tick'n. And thats the focus of my new post. Truly finding love for the game. I can gladly say that in the recent months, I have really taken a new look at the game of Warhammer 40K, and realized a couple things about myself. Now to begin, I want to cover the "Losing Attitude" factor. Losing multiple battles can really have an effect on a players attitude, skill, and just over-all luck. It seems that misery loves company. I know that all too well. You loose one game, you think, "Nah, I'll get'm next time". You loose a couple more in a row, and that guy might start thinking about whether he still wants to play. And after many losses, anyone can find a reason to quit. I thought about it. But you've got to keep telling yourself that its just a game.
I do realize that with some of the new stuff GW is coming out with, things can seem "slightly" (HA!!) unfair, but fear not. I am a true 100% believer that tactics (with some decent dice rolling) will always prevail. But going into anything with a bad attitude, well your prolly gonna come out exactly where you planned. Getting sh*t on......Stay positive, keep rolling those dice, and just relax.

Second I want to cover the concept of "Over Doing It". I love the game of 40K, it allows me to be a big kid for a few hours at a time. Getting to play with some awesome looking space guys kick'n the crap out of some far off alien race, or vice versa. I occasionally play a tournament here and there, would like to start playing more. But no matter how far off the grid I go, to any end of the Earth, I always find some dousch-bag that has a 40K IV hooked up straight to the neck. We all have met this guy, knows all the rules, is never wrong, always has a better story, better army list. Yah, that guy!!
I believe that this person loves to game just like I do, but whoa man!! Take a chill pill and live your life. At the end of every day, ITS STILL JUST A GAME. If you go on some kind of winning streak, NO, Marneus Calgar isn't gonna decend from the heavens and ask you to join him on his conquest for universal peace. Get over it man, your not that cool.

And lastly, I want to talk about finding peace in a game of war. When I'm bored and home alone, I find some kind of tranquility in kick'n back, havin a beer, and reading some fluff. Or maybe thumbing through the old codex a couple times and see'n if I missed something. Maybe writing a new army list. Not one that's designed to be ultra competetive, but something FUN. One of my best friends told me that this game was truly designed to be fun, to tell a story. It was never meant to be played on a competetive level. Just getting together with friends, admiring each others works, and watching an epic battle unfold. Not to come up with some loop-hole army that takes every advantage of the rule book, and putting your opponent at every disadvantage you can think of. That's not fun. Sure you may get the win, but was it fun? Did your opponent have fun? Ask him how his a** feels after kick'n it so hard.

I know, last week I took the worst beating I've ever endured from the new Necrons. The stuff in that book seems way "Over-the-Top" (thank you Sylvester Stallone). But you know what, its been a long time coming for the walking toasters, who use upside-down floating blenders. Yeah, that sh*t is crazy, but it makes for a fun game. Not just the same old, I die, you shoot.....I die battle. But even after having to sit on a donut for a few days, I still had a smile on my face at the end of the game, and told my opponent "Good Game". Cause it is still just a game.

So maybe take this time and really focus on why you play, why you enjoy this game so much.....and maybe you'll find your love for the game.