Friday, February 3, 2012

Black Knight Littleton Event!!

Wow, thought we were all gone eh? The Forgotten Chapter is still here and kickin' it 40k style!! Just life being busy and crazy has kept us all away. Maybe if you guys hit us up at Black Knight Games in Littleton, CO tomorrow for the 40k tournament, we can chat about whats been going on!! Oh and just in case you didnt know, Black Knight is hosting a 40k tournament tomorrow Saturday February 4th, 2012. Instead of paying to play, they ask that you bring a piece of terrain (either handmade or bought) and that will count as your method of payment to play. Please, if your going to bring something handmade at least make it look good. Good "rule of thumb" would be that if its not good enough for your game board, dont bring it! The piece of terrain being brought will be kept by the store so dont bring your favorite terrain piece cause your not getting it back!! Hope to see you all there! Supposed to start around 4pm but call ahead to check availability and everything. Contact info is:
Ph: 303-972-4263

Location: 10171 W Bowles Ave
Littleton, CO 80127

Have fun and hope to see you guys there!! Most of the Forgotten Chapter will be there to talk trash and of course, 40k..


  1. First off, Thank You Very Much to everyone at Black Knight. I know everyone had a good time, Dale (the owner) always treats everyone like kings.

    On to the results, and I want to say congrats to everyone. The Forgotten Chapter boys placed 1,2, 3 this weekend.

    1st - Unlikecrashzach (by dice roll off with 2nd because we tied)
    2nd - Sissyman (the non-blogging Chapter Brother)
    3rd - RollThe Dice22
    Honorable Mention - ImperialGeneralFalcon

  2. Honorable Mention!!! HAHAHAHA thats a good one, wish I could have made it in time man

  3. Give the guy credit! He did better then his last tournament, thats worth a mention to me.