Friday, June 17, 2011

Talkin' Tactics #4- The Rugged Rhino

We have all had one. Its that one car, truck or SUV that never died. It still worked for you even though the seats were trashed, it held oil about as well as a pasta strainer, and power steering was still a dream that this car would never see. No matter what however, this vehicle never failed you. It was always there for you when you needed it, which was often. Thats how I see the space marine rhino. While it doesnt have the biggest armor value or weapons payload, its always there to get your troops across the battlefields of the 40k universe. You could use them for decoys, to block line of site, to keep troops safe while holding objectives, or just annoy somebody with the stupid stormbolter on top. It may not have lasted till turn 7, but it was there when you needed it 8/10 times. What else could you use to move your guys across the board while creating a mobile firing platform and ensuring that pesky low level massive amounts of firepower cant widdle down your troops, AND only cost 35 points?! This vehicle is such a mainstay in most 5th edition space marine armies, and I think that sometimes it gets overlooked when it comes to new tactics and strategies. It is such a versatile vehicle that it can do a multitude of different things, but dont get too careless with it, becuase for all its advantages it can still be blown up with a single shot.

Black Knight Games #2 Opens Today

For all you Denver gamers, Black Knight Games has opened their second store in the Metro Area.

The new store is located at Kipling and Bowles in Littleton, CO.

Confirmation from RM40K

Head down and check them out, I know I am surely going to try and check the place out this weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Dice Thrower in All of Us#3 - Avoiding 40k "Burnout"

By now, if your reading this post, its probably not your first visit to a 40k blog website, and will most definitely not be your last. Your probably one of the countless masses of 40k fans who check up on their favorite 40k websites weekly or daily, making sure to keep up to date with the newest tactics and strategies, as well as news and rumors. Your probably one of those people who listen to podcasts and hang out at the hobby shop to talk it up with fellow gamers. You probably crack inside jokes amongst your gaming buddies that involve women and not rolling double "1"s with the dice. If you agree with any of these statements, then you have the 40k "bug", that neverending desire to know more, play more, paint more, read more, and write more things 40k. We all have it here at The Forgotten Chapter, and it is one "bug" that we want to keep. We all have spent countless hours thinking about 40k, with no regrets whatsoever. BUT, what happens when that appetite for 40k begins to diminsh? How do we keep interested and involved in something that is slipping away? What happens when your start to experience... BURNOUT.......?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Keep Your Friends Close............But Your Enemies Closer

I want to cover the aspect of having close friends, battle brothers, clicks, whatever you want to call it. Whether it be playing at your local hobby shop on a weekly basis, or at a friends house on their own table, having close friends can be one of the best ways to raise your level of play.
In our group, what we joke around as "The Forgotten Chapter", we have 5 guys that usually play around 2-3 times a week. I am sometimes more towards 3-4 times a week because the table is at my place. We are all very competitive players and all have very solid lists. The good thing is that we all share our ideas with eachother. Whether is be rumors about upcoming armies, rules that are buried in the rule book (that to still this day we uncover new ones), different tactics. Anything. I have to admit that none of us would be on the level we are if we didn't have this so-called brotherhood we have. It allows you to raise the bar for everyone else around you, making everyone better.
I can't count the number of hours that we have spent chillin around the game board, talkin' tactics, painting tips, whatever comes to mind. Having a number of friends can help brainstorm some sick ideas for a new army someone just picked up. Your friends know you, know your play style, and what would strike you as interesting. 5 brains are better than