Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stormraven For All?- Army Specific Units

Ah yes, the Stormraven once again. No, I'm not trying to beat the dead horse anymore than it needs to be beaten, but the Stormraven brings up so many good thought provoking issues. The one that comes to mind, was proposed by a member of The Forgotten Chapter in response to a situation that occured to his army at Feast of Blades 2011. He told me that "when" Games Workshop decides to release an FAQ, or some kind of rule that makes the Stormraven able to be used by all space marines, that he would field at least two of them. I responded with the simple word "if." I field two Stormravens in my Grey Knights army, and love using them. My friends therefore hate playing against them, as I am constantly harrassed about how " over the top" their rules are. BUT, they are always quick to point out that they would field them in an instant if they could. Now, Im not trying to be greedy or stingy, and its not that I dont like sharing, but I beleive that the Stormraven should be an army specific unit, in which only certain armies can use it. There are reasons for such an opinion, as I would not say such a thing without doing more than just thumbing my nose. Many things come to mind, but the top three are: variety of play, the "fluff" of the game, and the desire to keep armies "different" by preserving some army specific units and rules. Such things are used to maintain the dreaded F word.... FUN within the game.