Friday, May 13, 2011

The Dice Thrower In All Of Us... #1

So, this will undoubtedly be a series that makes every 40k player think about that dark side that we all have.. That part of us that takes over after a bad turn or round of combat, and soon looks at their dice in hand as a symbol of violence and decides to hurl them across the room, hitting everything in sight like an ordnance barrage large blast. Before you know it, models and people alike are diving for a cover save as the dice are launched everywhere.

So why do we do this? Is it because we didnt get enough love from our fathers? Is it an intrinsic desire to place the blame of our failure on those pieces of plastic with those pips that seem to laugh at us? I think not... One of the biggest things that come to mind when I think of 40k is the word FUN. I am a huge proponent of this concept, and beleive it should be practiced whenever possible, not just around the wargaming table. I think that the "dice thrower" comes from people forgetting the main thing about wargaming, it is a GAME! Game denotes something that evokes a sense of fun and excitement while giving us a friendly challenge that intensify's the experience. 40k is not the olympics, it is supposed to be fun, and I think many people forget that. even if the models on the board that you happen to be controlling start to die or lose an objective, just think of the awesome story that your making, and not just whether or not you are winning or losing. Ultimately its about the story being made, and the fun that EVERYONE is, or should be having. So please keep that in mind the next time the Dice Thrower takes hold, and begins to envision the demise of their dice in hand. Just remember to breathe and have fun, cause thats what its all about anyway!


  1. I believe that it is your inner Chaos Daemon lashing out at your Imperial ways.