Friday, May 13, 2011

Maple Syrup and Scotch

Well I guess its time for my intro as well, and just like my fellow Forgotten Chapter member stated, I hope I dont butcher this either! Im RollTheDice22, a 40k player from Denver that started a little over a year ago. I remember making fun of my friend when he started talking about this board game with dice and little men. After almost dying from laughter, he showed me the website and began introducing me to the different parts of the game. I humored him by looking at the different armies, until a picture of the Grey Knights struck my eye. After that, I began asking questions out of sheer excitement and interest. The rest as they say, is history. I now look back on my initial thoughts and think about how ignorant I was, and how much I enjoy the game today.

As you can obviously tell, my chapter of choice is the Grey Knights, which just recently received a new codex and brought me yelling with excitement out of third edition Grey Knight rules. I also have an IG guard army that I love to change almost every time I field it. We hope that this blog will promote the game, the hobby, and everything in between. I only hope that people will remember that no matter what, this game is supposed to be FUN!
So, if you like reading about new tactics, hobbying techniques, and miscellaneous discussions of the 40k world, make sure to check out our posts. (wow, that sounded a lot like backflips and pancakes....)

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