Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red's Corp - Red Scorpions

For all you Red Scorpions lovers (HighMarshalJames) check out this blog. Red's Scorpions are beautiful. I think my favorite part is the battle damage to the vehicles, typically I do not like battle damage since it would not go with fluff (those techmarines like shiny vehicles) but this is very realistic and impressive.

Red's Corp - Red Scorpions

Here is a quick picture from his Blog:High Commander Culln

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  1. Hey hey! Thanks very much Unlikecrashzach (Zach?), I really appreciate you posting about my work and I'm glad to hear you're digging the battle damage.

    As I posted a bit earlier in the week about the item you commented on, I like to make everything as though it is mid-battle and mid-campaign.

    I'm actually revising all of my basing now so it falls in line with my desert board and the most recent marines and vehicles I have painted.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

    I had actually already added your blog to my blogroll after reading some great articles from you guys over on, which is my general hobby/non-Red-Scorpions blog with a few of my mates.