Monday, July 4, 2011

Black Knight Games 2 - Green Walls and Stuff

So, on a balmy Sunday afternoon, the day before Independance Day, I found myself in the new Black Knight Games 2 store in Littleton, CO. The store has both tabletop and video game systems and accessories. The shelves still have holes that will definitley get filled, and the green walls will make sure that you dont fall asleep while your opponent takes his sweet time deploying (Just like I am taking my sweet time writing an article on deployment). The "atmosphere" in the store is a good one, and it feels like you can come in there and get a game in without having the store "mosquitos" walk around and criticize everything you do, while failing to understand the importance of deodorant in modern society. The staff seems very nice, and they are willing to bring in ANY items that you want or would like to see. I think that one of the biggest advantages to being an up and coming store is that you have the ability to ask your new customers what they want to see and match your inventory to the needs of your customers. Established stores already have money vested in items on their shelves, and have to maintain certain items until their stock is cleared, which can take a while. New stores have the money, room, and ability to tailor their inventory almost immediatley to the demographic, so dont be afraid to tell the guys at your new store what you want to see, cause it may just come true if enough people agree with your requests.

So far, the game nights vary depending on the systems you play. I was informed by Nick, one of the employees, that Warhammer 40k night is usually Wednesday and Saturday nights. He said that anybody can come in on any night and play any game, but those two days seemed to be the most popular for 40k. I appreciate that anybody can come in and play on any night, and that there are a couple of tables available so that multiple games or systems can be played at once. While their terrain selection is growing, they are going to need some assistance in building and designing more terrain, again letting their customers tailor their experience by creating their own terrain. They will let me know when they are going to do some "terrain building" parties, and will keep me informed on special events. The most important thing that I beleive this place has are friendly and knowledgable employees. In order for a place to be successful, you have got to feel welcome and be able to talk to the staff about their inventory, as well as being able to talk about new game systems and rumors while not feeling like you need to buy something first. These guys seem really cool, so dont feel shy about asking them some questions about what they have in stock. Overall, the place has two things that any new store needs. 1-Potential: The store is growing its inventory and has enough room to add new things if need be, and the potential for a good gaming area is undoubtedly present. The staff is willing to bring whatever you want, once again opening up the potential for seeing new things that you dont see in other gaming stores. 2-Intangibles: this store has certain components that cannot be bought directly, that can make or break any store. This includes knowledgable and friendly staff, a good location, and a willingness to listen to your customers. All of these components are there, and I think that anybody in the area should check it out and show their support for local gaming stores. We all want to see more of these places, as more places create more variety and increases the exposure of the game, which will make everyone's gaming experiences better. Be sure to check them out, and keep checking back here for updates and upcoming special events at the store. The store is located on the corner of Bowles and Kipling, in the same shopping area as Harbor Frieght and NAPA Auto Parts. Get in there and check it out!

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  1. I like this place. I usually go there on saturdays with my freinds