Friday, July 8, 2011

Talkin Tactics......"Multiple Combat"

For those of you who have enjoyed the perks of this little baby.....then you'll understand where I'm coming from. I LOVE this rule.......especially when your playing against the "Hammer of the Emperor"........damn those guardsmen..........and they have "several" tanks just lined up along the back side of the board, and you finally get close enough to play "whack-a-mole"!!!
Now this rule can be a bit tricky, but if pulled off, you could have the potential to wipe that smirk off your opponents face with one swift move.
Lets just use a standard Assault Marine Squad as the guinea pig for this one. Starting off with the full 10, after carefully maneuvering yourself across the board, you get close enough to launch an assault. And if you are close enough to have the 6" charge with every model, you can, with some careful placing of your models, try to take down more than one unit. Some can tie up more than 1 squad of your enemies, preventing them from doing damage somewhere else. Another is just obvious, killing off more than 1 unit in one turn. Futher making you opponent change their game plan......unless you have 180 greenskin on the board. A BIG con.....and I mean risky, spreading yourself out too thin to tackle the objective at hand. If you throw 10 assault marines into 2 or more units of basic Tyranid gants.........probably not gonna be able to withstand the kickback.
So this move can be risky, but thats the kinda game I personally like to play. To give the perfect example of how this can be an amazing tactic......for my Black Templars, I run a 10 man Assault squad, all with melta bombs, accompanied by my, nasty I know. Given the opportunity that I got close enough, I leaped over some cover, my Marshal breaking off the group in the process. And low and behold what lies within only a few inches of all my units. A non-moving Manticore, an immobilised Vindicator, and a 6 man Imperial Guard Command Squad. Now given what we just talked Marshal breaks off and wipes out the command squad, and I split the attacks of my assault squad, onto the 2 tanks. 5 melta bombs each, auto hit, you can imagine the rest.
Now in this instance, it worked to perfection. But I can tell you from is VERY risky. Not throwing enough attacks at one particular unit, not having the numbers to survive the defenders reactions. Its a toss up for most players.
So for those of you who live on the "edge", or for those of you with more models than you can count on everyones fingers and toes..........go for it! But if your the new Grey Knights......and you have a small handful of units, this might be something worth thinking about. But either way......just remember that they are just models. You can pick them back up after they die. Its a game, and its suppose to be fun.

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