Saturday, July 9, 2011

Black Knight 2 News- Terrain building July 16th, 2011

So, this is for all the people that live in Colorado. Black Knight 2, located at Bowles and Kipling (same shopping center as Harbor Freight and Jumpstreet) is hosting a terrain building/painting party. This is intended to help bolster the available terrain there at the store, and to increase the amount of terrain needed for The Feast of Blades tournament that they will be holding later in the month. They are gonna supply some foam and paints, but bring anything you would like to make. You can even bring anything that would ork for terrain (old washed cans, packaging foam, etc) will work great. Remember that anything built will be staying in the store for the gaming community to use. So, remember to stop buy and build some terrain, check out the store and chat with the knowledgable employees and maybe buy something. They have a pretty good inventory of 40k stuff and will be getting more soon. PLEASE come by and support your local gaming store!! The Forgotten Chapter will hopefully be stopping by too and may even get a game in while we are there.

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