Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Confidence: Who Needs It?

A lot of people don't realize how much confidence plays into their 40K strategy. Perfect example, the last game I played was with my Salamanders and half baked Eldar against HighMarshalJames' Black Templar and our friends Imperial Fists and half of my game was lost due to not having confidence in strategy and my Eldar. Confidence can be a game changer and you didn't even know it. Because I didn't bother to keep my confidence high and stick to my game plan I changed my plans and let the enemy walk all over me. 

Some people let confidence get to them though, which will cause them to fail in a completely different way. Over confidence can cause a player to over extend their units and let the enemy pick them off. Cockiness will lead to smashing that 10-man infantry squad and leaving your hammer unit out in the open to get blown away by the rest of the guard sitting in the back field.

When it comes to confidence the only advice I can give to people is to have confidence in the units and plans you have already made. You can ask HighMarshalJames and RollTheDice, I tell them "Vulkan is going to shank your <insert IC here>." This statement may seem cocky or over-confident but I know that if I have a solid plan and execute it well, it will put Vulkan in the proper position where he can excel. Also have faith and confidence in your dice, although not official it seems to me that people who are confident in their dice tend to roll better. It may be that you roll just as many 2's but you notice the 5's and 6's more which will lead to a much more fun game that everyone can enjoy.


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