Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some May Call it Destiny........

Hey whats up, I'm HighMarshal James. I'm also a local 40K player from Denver, Colorado. Been playing for just shy of 3 years. But I've had various roommates over the past 6 years that have been lifers, so the interest has always been there for me. My first and only finished army so far is my Black Templars, and I absolutely love them. I also have an aspiring Eldar army, but with my upcoming wedding......most of my purchasing has been put on hold.
In my first installment, I'd like to cover how amazing it is when a player comes arcoss an army that just fits their play style. And to boot, ends up falling in love with that army. A prime example of this is myself, of course, choosing the Black Templar. Another is my fellow blogger UnlikecrashZach who, when he got back into the game, chose to play Salamanders. And I've got to tell you, fit him perfectly. They are a finese army, need to be played very tactical, and he pulls it off nicely. We've recently given him the nickname General Patton, for his thinking.

I, on the opposite side of the coin from the Salamanders, have chosen Black Templars for their attitude towards combat. Kill first, ask questions later. You can ask any of my close friends, I'm the one at the front of the pack, getting in your face, causing problems early. They fit my play style, as do I fit theirs. Something that has really stuck with me, and fits our topic nicely, is from the Black Library book of Helsreach. The Salamanders use drop pods to reinforce the Templar ranks at the battle for the docks. They help push back the advancing Ork army, but at that moment, the Salamanders actually decide to fall back as well. Now this is completely against the Templar way, as they would rather chase down, and kill every enemy left. The Salamanders want to prepare for the second wave of attacks, but the Templars want to push forward so there is no second wave.

Now I see a benefit in both of these tactics, but favor the Templars. Like I said before, kill first, ask questions later. But thats to each his own. Eldar, in my opinion are VERY finese, and what we like to call........squishy. They require alot of speed, numbers, and very careful moving. Not as tough as marines, but can equal almost any army in firepower. All except the Imperial Guard.............those damn guardsmen. They hold a special place in my heart..........no they don't.
But if your the type of player that doesn't like upfront, in your face confrontation, then the Hammer of the Emperor would be ideal. Same as Eldar. If you like to cause mass confusion, consume anything that moves, the Tyranids would be a good choice. A good balanced choice is almost any Space Marine army. You won't obviously get the numbers you would with bugs or guardsmen, but what they lack in numbers and attrition, they make up for in toughness.

So if your a new player, or even a seasoned one, think about how you would win the war. Would you prefer to sit back and pummel your opponent with barrage after barrage, or an endless swarm of bugs or greenskins, of super genetically engineered soldiers?? Either way, play with confidence, and keep a light heart about the game. Don't let that inner dice thrower come out too often. Because when all is said and done, its just a GAME. Not a life that takes place in 38 millenia......and just have fun. That's why we all got started afterall, we like to use our imaginations, and be kids for a few hours a week.

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  1. Enjoyed the article and I completely agree that if you can match your play style to an army style then you will enjoy the game that much more.

    Myself I am a big defensive player. I castle up, bait and wait for my opponent to make mistakes. As such I throughly enjoy playing a CSM Nurgle focused army. Within the force organization I have a heavy amount of durable units that can take a pounding, such as; Plague Marines, Daemon Princes, Greater Daemon and Obliterators.