Friday, May 20, 2011

Forge World............Brains or Bust??

Next on my list of things I want to cover is the use of ForgeWorld models. Now I'm sure, just like most of us out there, we've all taken a look at the website and drooled.........I know I have plenty. Plenty enough to fall into its grasp and buy some over priced model (that does look sick I'll add), but now it doesn't even find its way into my army list.

Now on the plus side of things, ForgeWorld offers a fairly good variety of assorted bits and models to help give your army that truly custom feel. Ranging from some sweet looking shoulders pads, nasty looking wings for a Hive Tyrant, and TONS of tank variants for of course.............the Imerial Guard. Those damn guardsmen. They also have started a collection of special characters for different marine armies. Most of the rules for these characters are found in a certain volume from the Imperial Armour Collections. Which in turn if you choose to run one of these nasty little gentlmen, you also need to purchase the book to have what you need to play. Call it a double whammy!
ForgeWorld stuff, to most people, seem to be over-the-top. Now there are two sides to this story. The things they create can, and most times do seem to be too much, cheap, beardy, cheesy.....whatever you want to call it. Yes it can be, but think about the other person in this scenario. They are sacrificing many, many points in their armies to field these "beardy" models. So they might have stuff that doesn't look fair, but take a look at the overall picture of their army. If they are using these models, they probably don't have a whole lot on the table.
Now most of the items one ForgeWorld, if they have experimental rules, have an "Experimental Rules, Imperial Sanction Not Yet Granted". So this can cause a problem for basic hobbists, playing pick-up games at your local hobby shop. Even though you decided to go with something so expensive, and "over-the-top", its up to the person you are playing to allow you to use ForgeWorld models. But that goes back to the whole idea of thinking about the other person. They spent their hard earned money on this very over-priced model, plus...............its a game! And they are cutting the points somewhere in their army to fit in this model.
So like I say, and am reminded everytime I play.........its suppose to be fun. Its not life, you will wake up tomorrow, and your army will still be in its box. Have fun, keep the inner dice thrower in the closet for the time being, and have a beer.


  1. With a few exceptions, most FW rules leave you with models that are way overpriced for the points. Barring experimental rules on their website, FW rulebooks are official, so I see no reason why anyone would deny you a game if you chose to use FW models.

  2. Agreed, seeing how they are some-what sister companies. But to speak facts.....their rules aren't technically allowed in any tournaments here in Colorado